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logo-mothersunion-webWe have a large and lively Branch of the Mothers’ Union that meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month in the Parish Hall at 7.45pm. There is a varied programme of interesting speakers as well as many other activities and outings arranged throughout the year.

Twice a year we have a Communion Service at 7pm immediately before the monthly meeting. Every 2 months there is a short act of worship in church at 2pm on a Wednesday.

We also have a group that meets monthly  to do crafty things (knitting and sewing etc) for St Clements’ Christmas and Spring Fairs.

The Mothers Union is also a campaigning organisation, and we contribute to fundraising and awareness raising of many issues that affect families in both England and around the world.

  • Do you know that the MU is not exclusively a women’s group?
  • Men are welcome to attend meetings and become full members if they wish.

If you would like to know more about the Mothers’ Union at St Clement’s contact Marilyn Jones  · 0161 747 6596

Information about the national organisation can be found at:  http://www.mothersunion.org


At the moment Meetings are held in the Parish Hall at 7.45pm unless otherwise advised.

For further information about the years programme and dates for Deanery or Diocesan events please contact Marilyn Jones  · 0161 747 6596 .