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‘thank you’ Mr Derek Prince

‘thank you’ Mr Derek Prince

Every year the church elects two people (ideally) to act as churchwardens. Churchwardens are responsible, with the vicar for the fabric of the building and for ensuring that Sunday worship takes place. Its an historic role but also one which is essential for the smooth running of the church, and their responsibilities are written down in law.


This year Mr Derek Prince is having a well earned break after six years of being warden. He has made an exemplary contribution to the life and work of St Clements. He ensures that church is open for worship and that it is welcoming and hospitable; He is not averse to getting the hoover out and helping to keep the church spick and span. He deals with all manner of people and events, and he is what is commonly known as a national treasure. Derek is aided and abetted by his wife Beryl, who shares in his work as well as doing plenty of her own, and is usually to be found at his side (or should that be the other way round).

We would like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’  to Derek and Beryl for all they have done and all that they do for St Clements and the worshippers and visitors alike. Derek assures us he isn’t going anywhere, and as he has one or two other jobs in the church he will still be around and about.


Author: Lynn Smith

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