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hello! Welcome to St Clements Church

hello! Welcome to St Clements Church

people often say that St Clements Church is very welcoming. But what does that really mean. We all like to think that we are welcoming to others, but at the same time we are all different what works for one might not be right for another…

Coming to church for the first time is a bit like going to someone else house for the first time.. you don’t necessarily know what you will find there, or, more importantly, be expected to do.

I remember as a young person going to tea at someones house and feeling ashamed because our ‘house rules’ were different to those of my friend, and I’d done something ‘wrong’ because I didn’t know. Thankfully my friends were lovely and gracious and helped me feel okay about everything.

To this day I remember this.. experience and of course, it influences what I believe, and what I do.

So first of all let me say ‘you are welcome’.

Whoever you are, you are welcome at St Clements Church.

Secondly, everyone in church is welcome to participate in all parts of the service and the social time afterwards.

Thirdly, we are pleased to do whatever we can to help people get the most out of being here in church.

So if you are a visitor, or a new comer to St Clements’ please know you are welcome, and if you can’t see what you are looking for please don’t hesitate to ask someone. If you find yourself a bit bemused by the service, don’t be put off – we will help you. Hopefully the service booklet will help too.

If you’re not sure about singing – don’t worry, some people don’t sing much. If you like singing – go for it. Even the choir hits a wrong note at times.

If receiving Holy Communion is not something you do, don’t worry, come to the altar rail anyway and you will be offered a blessing.

And please do stay for a cuppa afterwards (but only if you would like to)….

Welcome is:

the hello

the helping someone join in (if they want to)

the preparation and care with which people carry out their tasks in the service

its tea and coffee afterwards and someone who will make a point of saying hello and welcome

Its someone who will help you find a seat, and a book to use

Its someone who will let you know about things that are going on (usually this happens in the notices at the end of the service)

Welcome is something everyone is involved in and whoever you ask will help you find what you’re looking for.



And as you leave

Author: Lynn Smith

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