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    Remembrance Sunday

    Words from Strange Meeting by Wilfrid Owen It seemed that out of battle I escaped Down some profound dull tunnel, long since scooped Through granites

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      Advent Sunday Sermon -Rev Christine Bailey

      Advent Sunday 2015. Luke 21: 25-36 May I be the first to wish you a happy new year. For today is Advent Sunday, the first day of the church’s year.

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        What cannot be shaken will remain. Hebrews 12: 28-29

        This is a sermon that was never preached but it was intended for an evensong on the 5th Sunday of Lent.   It happens sometimes. Does that make it

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          Teach us good Lord, to serve thee as thou deserves…

          (make sure you are sitting comfortably – this is a long one but I didn’t have time to make it shorter- sorry folks). These times that we

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