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Celebrating the Feast of St Clement

St Clements Day is on November the 23rd and we customarily celebrate our Patron saint on the nearest Sunday which is November the 24th. This day is also known as the Feast of Christ the King and is the final Sunday in the church’s year (New year begins with Advent Sunday, this year on Sunday 27th November).

Watch this space for a details of a special service to remember St Clement who was, according to tradition, a leading member of the church in Rome in the 1st century CE and  consecrated Bishop of Rome by St Peter.  He is particularly known for one of the letters he wrote to the church in Corinth. This letter , which is one of the oldest extant Christian documents outside of the New Testament, was, at the time,  read out in church, along with other epistles, some of which later became part of the bible.

According to tradition, Clement was imprisoned under the Emperor Trajan; whilst he was in prison he ministered to fellow prisoners.   Some time afterwards he was executed by being tied to an anchor and thrown into the sea. St Clement is known as the patron saint of mariners, and symbols associated with him include the anchor and also a sea shell.

The church of St Clement in Rome, which is just up the hill from the Colosseum has a number of wall paintings of the life of St Clement which can be seen on the walls underneath the present day church.