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Stations of the Cross Project

The stations of the cross were devised hundreds of years ago to give ordinary Christians an opportunity to walk the way of the cross with Jesus, without having to go to Jerusalem. People still appreciate them today as an aid to thinking about the events of Holy Week, before Easter .


This year we are looking at how we can bring the stations very close to home. In Jerusalem, on the Via Dolorosa, there is a place for each station. Each place relates to the particular part of the Passion story.

Here in Urmston , Flixton and Davyhulme there are places which for us mark our journey through life. There are places in our own society in which people suffer rejection, humiliation, pain, sadness; there are places where we are picked up and given refreshment, places where we die, places where we are buried, and places where we are resurrected.

How I can be involved?

If you wish to join this project you are welcome. It doesn’t matter wether you are a church member or not. Simply spend some time thinking about one of these themes. Where might be such a place for you here, in Urmston. And then take a photograph of the place with a camera or mobile phone. We will use a selection of the photographs to create the ‘station’ for an exhibition and for our worship, setting them alongside the appropriate Jerusalem ‘station. If there are people in the scene, please ask their permission to use their photograph if they are  identifiable.

For further information and support with your ideas please contact Rev Karen . 01612029575 or karenlmarshall21@      gmail.com         


The Stations

Jesus is condemned to die

Jesus carries his cross

Jesus falls the first time

Jesus meets his mother

Simon helps Jesus carry his cross

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Jesus falls the second time

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

Jesus falls for the third time.

Jesus is stripped

Jesus is nailed to the cross

Jesus dies on the cross

Jesus is taken down from the cross

Jesus is laid in the tomb