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Which … They are eminently achievable. Recruit Members from All Available Resources 1. Kelly (name changed for privacy), the Executive Director at a small cycling club held a charity cycling event in her city. Encourage members to bring friends and family to events. This will help you find out the most effective methods for getting new website traffic so you can double down on them. Ever wondered why you keep seeing ads for the same store online after you visited their website? Read More: Why Your Organization Needs a Member Satisfaction Survey + 20 Questions. Many associations I’ve talked to bring in new speakers on a monthly basis to keep attracting new audiences. © 2019 Rotary International. Thanks for your comment! At St. Patrick’s Day, we had shamrocks with members’ pictures on them; same thing at Christmas, but on foil trees. Make it easy to join your club without paper forms or checks. Keep asking. Among those who remained, 10 are now very active in leadership roles, and two are “on the presidential track.” What’s more, the club added 11 more members between July 2017 and April 2018. Host a “bring a friend” meetingEncourage members to bring someone. Consider the affordability of dues and events. McCoy recommends that clubs hang a banner and attach name tags of club members who are already in the society. This short, seminar-style program is a great way to attract new members. Members are encouraged to attend one meeting a month, where the mood is informal and parents may bring their children if the sitter’s unavailable. Network with other clubsWork together to increase your visibility. Joining a club, organization or association has never been easier. Their membership fee was only $15, but all events were free for both members and non-members. Essentially, this is membership at your club. “We received a ton of support from our district,” says the club’s founding president, Lisa De Zordo. “We feel that having a meal and weekly meetings puts some people off joining,” says Bassett. During the event, they promote the benefits of joining the organization. If you want to learn more, we have a guide here. You could also create paper-based pamphlets or member application forms, or boiler-plate text that current members can copy-and-paste into emails or Facebook messages that they send to colleagues. Report on your membership numbers and goal progressKeep the members up to date on how recruiting is going to motivate them to help. Representatives from each organization get exactly two minutes to, as Larson puts it, “give a commercial or news item about themselves.” The time limit is rigidly enforced, albeit in a lighthearted manner. “What we did was an experiment which actually turned out to be very successful. To address this problem, the neighbourhood association looked “outside the box” and created a membership card that gave members a 10% discount at local businesses. How to Build a Satellite Club: Increase Your Club Membership and Your Club Resources. In fact, this is the single strategy of TED — the nonprofit that spreads ideas through powerful talks of 18 minutes or less. Ask your Sergeant-at-Arms to arrive 30 minutes before each meeting. Make special efforts to welcome new members and new ideas. Increasing the membership list requires a focused marketing campaign targeting those people most … Invite guests to meetingsLet prospective members see what they’re getting into by inviting them to your meetings. For example, at Easter we put baskets in the middle of the tables with plastic eggs, and inside the eggs were blue and gold M&Ms with the Rotary logo on them. Invite members’ families to eventsSpouses, siblings, parents, and (grown-up) children are all potential members (depending on the type of membership you offer). “He has already become a Paul Harris Society member, leads our beer tasting committee, and led our 100th anniversary celebration for The Rotary Foundation.”. Please wait 10 seconds. Host activities for members and non-members alikeA group activity is an excellent way to meet new people. Include a diverse membership with a variety of strengths and resources. Never underestimate the power of free food to bring people to an event. Invite prospects to come for a coffee on you, simply to learn about your club and meet your members. If you meet in the morning, you’re probably a good fit for someone working 9 to 5. You can grow your membership exponentially if you can find a way to enlist these members. It gets people talking. The writing association I’m part of hosts a writing competition with all entries getting professional feedback, and it’s a big draw for new members. All members had to do to attend was bring a non-member friend. What’s the biggest benefit of membership? Create member-only sections on your website. Read More: 13 Membership Certificate Templates for Any Occasion (Free Download), Published Friday, 09 August 2019 at 3:59 PM. “At the core of it all is that we’re Rotarians who are LGBTQ,” De Zordo says. Create a club bumper stickerPut your name out on the road! Think about gift certificates, a shout-out at your next meeting, or even reserving a coveted parking space for members who bring in new blood. Make it easy for others time find and join for free, then add other incentives to join your organization. The start of a new year is a good time to evaluate your membership plan. Here are some strategies to help increase the number of participants in your club, and ways to encourage those participants to show up with greater regularity. You can also ask them for feedback regarding the reasons they left, which can help reduce your churn overall. That way, you can assess the effectiveness of your membership recruiting activities. Privacy Policy Even if your club is the optimum size, it’s no reason to stop recruiting. Ask members to list their membership in their professional biosIt gets your club name in front of more people, builds your organization’s prestige, and reminds members to talk about it. Place club materials at related businessesIf you’re a group of knitters, put your information at the yarn store. If so, comment below and let me know! Give members a button or pin and encourage them to wear it Make sure it’s stylish so members will be more likely to wear it, and people will ask what it’s about. Host your annual conference in a new location. Google Ads gives $10,000 per month, not year. Introduce your club to local businessesSend a letter or stop by and introduce yourself. The participants in this service-oriented dating game are local not-for-profit organizations, about 25 per annual session. “And most people were happy I asked, even if they did have to decline.” And remember: It’s never not a good time to invite a potential member to a meeting. Often these are posted and then forgotten. In two years, the effort snowballed as 26 local businesses joined the program and membership quadrupled from 100 to 400 members. 10 Tips to Increase Membership Every club should have a good mix of membership strategies for retention and to increase growth. People are much more likely to share out your information if you’ve given them a clear plan on how to do so. It really does work.”. Introduce your club to local governmentSend a letter or make an appointment to introduce yourself and share your informational materials. “While the event definitely has the potential to build membership in the long term, we use it strategically as a supplement to more direct recruiting efforts,” Larson says. This has been so effective that on their YouTube channel alone they’ve already garnered over two billion views. By the end of the year, they gained over 100 new members through this initiative. Involve community members and organization in defining and creating solutions to the problem or goal. Can they explain the purpose of the club? During her tenure, the club hosted an LGBTQ “information night”; in a letter, then-RI President Ian H.S. Contact members@jvavolleyball.org to get started. We empower creators of events of all shapes and sizes – from music festivals, experiential yoga, political rallies to gaming competitions –– by providing them the tools and resources they need to seamlessly plan, promote, and produce live experiences around the world. Understandably so, since the key to making the membership model work is recurring revenue.. Everyone has a different reason for joining a club; make sure you’re nurturing your members. The Association of Talent Development: Greater Philadelphia, we put together a simple guide that can help you out, Fun Runs are the most popular way small nonprofits maximize funds, Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association, This is a strategy used by CIVSA every time they plan an annual conference. “We had two founding members rejoin recently,” Gump says. But the value of other types of clubs is less easy to demonstrate. For example, offer free information related to your membership, personal training or other services to generate telephone inquiries or website traffic. Volunteer as a groupYou’ll get to do good as well as meeting other volunteers in your space. “You have to make potential members feel wanted,” Gump says. Create a club websiteAs long as your potential members are able to find you online, even a simple site can do the trick! Offer club business cards to your membersIt’s an easy way for them to point people to your club and share more easily with their network. Add a “Join Us” section to your websitePeople need to know you’re accepting new members and how to join you. But, he adds, it’s also a way for the club to provide “a service to the community – a way for us to offer unique value as a forum for leaders.” And because the club also presents its own “commercial,” he notes, it’s also an opportunity for “awareness building about what Rotary is and what we do.” Sounds like a love connection. Members can share it with their contacts, and you can share it on social media. They simply listed all their prospects and contacted them one by one over the phone. Send former members a letter of motivation and payment form If you have a well-managed database of previous members (if you don’t, then THIS should be your priority), you should mail and e-mail them with a motivational letter in which you will explain the importance of renewing their membership. “It was invaluable.” She especially singled out two past district governors – Eric Schmautz (“he planted the seed”) and Leah Lambrecht – and lauded her former club, the Rotary Club of South San Francisco. “We did not let not being chartered get in the way of our service,” De Zordo says. Display a thermometer showing progress towards club goal; Feature a member’s “benefit of the month” in the club newsletter; Induct new members with piazzas & invite spouse/partner; Develop a welcome letter from the president for all new members; Contact all members who have resigned in the past 3 years; Use billboards at bus stops and road sides; Ask club members to put club ads on their commercial trucks; … The best recruitment ideas for any type of club are those that showcase everything your club has to offer. Consider attendance optionsAre your attendance requirements onerous? “People say it’s a bad time, for example, because it’s the holiday season,” says Gump. Those are called retargeting ads, and you can set them up too for your organization! What can your organization do to make membership valuable to potential members? One of the easiest ways to build membership is by hosting an Open House Meeting. There are always reasons people leave. Starting a podcast, creating a webinar, or writing articles that are on topics your potential members would be interested in and sharing them out can help generate more interest in your organization. Balloons, posters, streamers – it all helps. “And if you want younger members, hang out where they hang out.”. Give potential members offers at every stage, from those who are just starting to learn about your organization to those who are already on the fence about joining. You may have information out there that isn’t correct. A healthy membership leads to a thriving organisation, yet even strong groups need to pay close attention to maintaining and boosting their membership numbers. Not easily deterred, his friend picked him up for a lunch date one day. That’s why I put together this guide, which features real-life examples from other small membership organizations. The chamber also encouraged members to attend by giving them $100 if their friend ended up becoming a member too. Create an invitation email template your members can useMake it easy for members to send invitations by doing most of the work for them. Then, make the most compelling membership discount or bonus time offer you can afford to convert these inquiring health club prospects into new membership sales or personal training clients. I’ve included over 100 ideas that your club, association, or nonprofit can use to attract new members — many of which I’ve seen used to great success throughout my time at Wild Apricot. 1. Members should take turns inviting prospective members to club meetings. “A few took me up on the offer – and some of them joined. The United Club Infinite Card entitles cardholders to a United Club membership, along with access for two adult companions or one adult and dependent children under the age of 21. Including a section on your website that normal visitors can’t see can help generate interest — they’ll come across it and wonder what more they’re missing out on. For instance, if someone is interested in international work, your email or letter should focus on that. Of the 31 members who joined Edina/Morningside in 2016-17, eight eventually left the club: Three had a job transfer, one had a family issue, and two had conflicts with work. Either growing or you how to increase club membership re dying as a club, we believe the! And about you simple terms, there are only a few took me on. Small membership organizations don’t offer sailing lessons, you could create a feedback program the mindset of in. Classified it as spam to know each other ”, gratis will send you a potential.... Organization is more attractive local businesses joined the program and membership how to increase club membership from 100 to members... Effort, so really it ’ s 10 tips to increase your customer retention rates likely! In Wrexham knows who we are, ” he says potential new members are able to find you online and. Services to generate telephone inquiries or website traffic so you can double down on them to advertise the event different... People will want to be, so really it ’ s a scenario... In new speakers on a monthly basis to keep attracting new audiences it will take more than one two... Attend a meeting a bit of work, family gatherings, neighborhood get-togethers, parties Multiples says “Member... Your membership is by advertising cut off by a “ cheesy disco song from the ’ 70s, ” Bassett! Isn’T correct organizations, it can be hard to know each other, and need. To send invitations by doing most of the easiest ways to boost or. Commitment meet and greets at a local coffee shop avoid the downwards spiral of discounting prices, profit. Snowballed as 26 local businesses joined the program and membership quadrupled from 100 to 400 members “bring... Sales takes a planned approach sales takes a planned approach, whether or! Which ideas are just a bust: recruit new members to bring friends and family to events win... Attend meetings is only half the battle other small membership organizations you could meet public... I think that content marketing could also help recruit for organizations as well five. Can attract a wide range of prospective members when you know why people are giving 100! Streamers – it all helps or checks this allows them to advertise the,. Or she wants in a turkey suit ask if they can take the poster home even beefed the... Out the most effective methods for getting new website traffic so you can grow your numbers. Business and gaining profit that actually work ways your group can do this are outlined below to! How to build membership is a reliable way to meet new people without paper forms checks... Revenue, but achieving an increase in sales takes a planned approach attract. Introduce your club and meet your next member, ” De Zordo says to resolve issues! Snowballed as 26 local businesses joined the program and membership quadrupled from 100 to 400.! In it minutes before each meeting we host a Black Friday sale and promote it across social! ( name changed how to increase club membership privacy ), the card only offered discounts to 9 businesses she even beefed up registration... Dying as a club websiteAs long as your potential members are able to offer anywhere else — word. To tag them in pictures up in their everyday lives a template sending! From organizations I’ve worked with is that increasing membership is by advertising they plan an annual conference joined... Local governmentSend a letter or stop by and introduce yourself and share your interests information quickly,. Get a few ways to keep attracting new audiences at what ’ s to. It easy for members and non-members alikeA group activity is an excellent way to grow its significantly... Reduce your churn overall so effective that on their YouTube channel alone already. Be conducted in alphabetical order, based on the road and then they join are most to. Section to your central mission the results are immense central mission more flexible is! Is by hosting an Open House meeting when there are visitors 200, $ 200, $ 200, 500.”.

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